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19-07SiljaVene rahvusest inimesed kipuvad nime lõppu "e"-tähe kirjutama (ehk siis "Silje").
Inglise keele kõnelejad kipuvad algselt "s"-tähe "c"-ga asendama ja ka "j"-tähe "i"-ga (nt. Cilia ; Celia).
Oma elu jooksul olen isiklikult teadlik vaid kolmest nimekaimust.
12-07MeriliVäga lahe nimi on, mulle meeldib.
11-07MariusAt last, sonomee who comes to the heart of it all
11-07SaskiaYou're the one with the brains here. I'm waihtcng for your posts.
11-07AdalbrechtaPeople nomrllay pay me for this and you are giving it away!
11-07لينWell I guess I don't have to spend the weekend figriung this one out!
11-07AkelaShort, sweet, to the point, FRxlaeE-ctEy as information should be!
11-07MattiasAt last, soenmoe who knows where to find the beef
11-07LiisMany many quatily points there.
11-07KatjaThat picture of her creepy red ass gums she posted has always given me the heebies. Kath Needs Real Boediarnus should be her new motto.
11-07IrisNot bad at all fellas and gaslal. Thanks.
11-07JayPhonemenal breakdown of the topic, you should write for me too!
11-07Ap-OwenChe, hay alguna forma de subir el audio? Estoy afuera y se me complica escuchar el final del programa por la diferencia horbriaAarazo y excelente el programa como siempre
11-07BiancaThe abitily to think like that shows you're an expert
11-07JayIst in meinem Heim-Edeka so und hat sich als gar nicht mal so schlecht erwiesen. Mit der Kassiererin gibt es immernoch ein kleines Pläuschen (zumindest wenn diese gut gelaunt ist), und Zeit spart es auch noch. Ein großer Vorteil ist zudem, dass Rückgeld grcmßt¶Ã¶gliÃh zurückgegeben wird und es keine Fehler solcher Art mehr gibt.
11-07Rebeka« L’enjeu suivant : faire de la recherche une vraie filière d’excellence (et pas ce qui reste quand on est passé à travers toutes les filières sÃ&;sctivee)©nbsp;&raquolSym pa pour nous les chercheurs, merci.
11-07KarineIt's a relief to find soeonme who can explain things so well
11-07GavriellaGood point. I hadn't thohgut about it quite that way. :)
11-07ArpitaYes but if that were you in that situation you would not blame yourself for the Cubs losing? Because by your logic, you would not be one to blame. Obviously it is unfair for the amount of blame he gets but life is unfair, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and he took the fall for it. The Cubs have tried to get him to come back to Wrigley and try to forget the past but he continues to refuse, so the emotions we feel today are on him. We want to move on and look past it but until Bartman faces Cubs fans he will forever be the scaageopt.
11-07EluriaI’m really curious to see if McCain is going to alienate the wing-nut portion of the Reipcluban part by talking about the issues. But I suppose they gravitate more to Palin anyway. I say to hell with ‘em John!
11-07CedlSeems odd that everyone wants LRT in their community EXCEPT the community that will eventually get it. Strange people living in the Byron Transit Corridor area. James O&;7d18#Gra2y even manages to take a shot at the Lansdowne Park redevelopment project in a comment about western LRT expansion. Get over it and move on!
11-07لمياءKeep up the excellent piece of work, I read few blog posts on this site and I conceive that your site is very inesitetrng and contains bands of great info .
11-07RolandYou've got it in one. Coundl't have put it better.
11-07KailumaThat addsseres several of my concerns actually.
11-07CallieAl T.,"I have to disagree, based on my local situation. I'm seeing many more mainstream folks arming upaoYu&t;qe.h, here too. Staghounds was speaking generally.With respect to gun laws, there are pretty much two Americas these days: (Most Of) The Northeast and Cali, with their ally, The Great State Of Chicago are headed in one direction, while flyover country is headed in the other.
11-07JacquelineI rekcon you are quite dead on with that.
11-07HendrikusHer name sounds African. There are no pictures of her except for one through a peephole. Can't really see how she looks. The kid who had the cellphone is lucky. The bad part about it is that they would have to say they were arrested on a job apoitcalipn. Really they should nolly that so their records remain clean. The Daily News however, still calls them suspects as of yesterday bastards! Shady Grady: When men go to brothels, they don't mind how many men the woman had minutes before they got there.
11-07Liis Kösterdisse:Fico muito feliz, ao ver pessoas que como eu conseguiram superar as enormes dificuldades que a vida nos empoem, e apesar de tudo coseguir transmitir amor e carnhio.Parabéns pelo trabalho maravilhoso, e que sirva de exemplo para que mais pessoas possam ter a oportunidade de poder se expressar; amor gera amor.
11-07ShubhamI guess I'm responsible too because I'm not shedding a tear either.I see little differnce between these nuclear scientists and Nazis. None at all. I'd rather see modern day Nazis killed off than wait until another genocide and hunting them down after the fact and millions of Jews are obteetlraiid and turned into ashes.Would it so awful if Israel was involved in this? Never again means never again.
11-07MelveIt's imteparive that more people make this exact point.
11-07EvitaI don't even know what to say, this made things so much eaeisr!
11-07HindrekGee wiisrkell, that's such a great post!
11-07Martin VokMár nagyon várom a találkozót a zúzós zh-k után jó lesz egy kis pié©hes.RemÃnlem jó idÅ‘nk lesz és kint tudunk a szabadban játszani.
11-07JeanpiereBosco dioeu:Csrrsção:Qeis dizer “vôo PAIRADO” e não “vôo plainado” no meu comentário das 16:12.Vinícius,Não sou profissional da área não. Sou apenas entusiasta do assunto mesmo, como você.Tenho um interesse especial por tecnologia VTOL e armas guiadas, mas curto um pouco de tudo quando o assunto é tecnologia de armamentos.Meu e-mail é Um abraço e obrigado pelos elogios.
11-07Johnd833Unlebstionauqy assume everything you said. Your own reason seemed to be in the net that easiest item to comprehend. As i tell one, As i certainly secure annoyed even while many people think about fears they can just don’t are aware of. One were able to success that finger nail for the absolute best and also classified over the slide lacking side-effects, many people could relax and take a indicator. Might probably end up once again to obtain additional. Bless you
11-07SunitaHello :] Take a look at the reviews this game is getting in the AppStore or iTunes. The price tag is aprpiproate to everyone who actually knows the game. The average price of a good app may very well be around $5. This is not your average app. This is premium. Some people have gotten 80 !! hours of gameplay out of it.There is a lite version ;]
11-07AnniThinking like that is really imsivpsree
11-07NehaThis is what we need - an insight to make evneroye think
11-07EleriAwesome you should think of sohmteing like that
11-07JanThe exeirtpse shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.
11-07بسنتShoot, who would have thgohut that it was that easy?
11-07ErhartYou're the one with the brains here. I'm waicnthg for your posts.
11-07ErhartAt last! Someone who unadsstendr! Thanks for posting!
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11-07KraigIf inaotmfrion were soccer, this would be a goooooal!
11-07JoosepThere is a critical shortage of inifmratove articles like this.
11-07Mari VijardI could watch Schendlir's List and still be happy after reading this.
11-07MelveThis is what we need - an insight to make evrynoee think
11-07Johnd833How neat! Is it really this simepl? You make it look easy.
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11-07EuardThank God! Somnoee with brains speaks!
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